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Numerical Simulation Services



Numerical simulation is becoming more prominent than ever in engineering design. The ability to obtain a wide variety of engineering data, or to view assembly throughout a test case can provide valuable insight that conventional physical testing would not. Numerical simulation provides predictions upon which decisions are made. It has the potential to reduce the design time, reduce costs, refine existing designs and uncover radical new solutions. As computational power continues to increase so do the possibilities, but so does the complexity and the need for expert input.

Our office is based at the University of Warwick Science Park where we maintain close links with academia and industry.

We do not sell software. Our recommendations to you are without hidden agenda.

We will always provide our model input decks to you. We do this because we are confident in our technical proficiency nor do we tie you into future work with us.

Here at Dynasty Simulations Ltd we have experience across a number of industries, including the Automotive and Defence sectors. 



LS-Dyna is the most complete and comprehensive numerical analyses package for mechanical problems. Dynasty aims to deliver one-code solutions which offers huge benefits in workflow management.

Dynasty has built specialisms around the following subject areas.

  • Blast and Ballistics in threat and mitigation development

  • High-Speed Fluid-Structure Interactions

  • Topology and Topometry structural optimisation using LS-Tasc and LS-Opt

  • Material Characterisation methods with triaxial considerations

  • Structural Lightweighting in composite crush structures for crash

  • Safety-cell engineering

  • Metallic foams in crush structures.

  • Meshless methods EFG, SPH

  • Specialist numerical methods development for novel applications.

Services that we provide


We offer a range of training courses to assist users. These can range from a couple of days, for very brief introductions for complete beginners, to a few weeks specialising in different aspects of the code. Each course will include worked examples. For this reason each person will be supplied with a one year licence for an educational copy of LS-DYNA in advance of the course. 

Model Build and meshing services

Our model build and meshing service offers a range of techniques including solid and mid-surface meshing. 

Keydeck build

A more targeted version of model building. If you need assistance in creating a challenging set of keywords we will look into developing these for you.


Adopting the right approach from the start can save months, if not years of wasted effort. By advising on the best way to approach problems as well as highlighting the potential pitfalls, we can reduce unnecessary work and save time. Please contact us using the form that the bottom of the page so that we can answer any questions